The Simple Guide About INSTALLING and USING Sass(Scss) on Windows

How can we use it?🙄

The best way I found was to use an application to compile the Sass files into CSS. (or you can use the command line as well)

Here, mostly use two applications on Windows:

  1. Prepros —
  2. Koala —

Now, This is the time to go to the step of installation.

Here we go! 🛴

Steps to Installing Ruby Sass on Windows

  1. Download the Ruby installer: version with .

2. Open the Command Line (CMD)

Type the following command👉 Press Enter:

gem install sass

After a few seconds… you’ll look see this :

Successfully installed

Sass is now installed on your machine! 🎉✨🎊

How to check if Sass is installed?

Open a CMD👉type this

sass -v

👉Press Enter

Then how it looks:

Sass Version

How to update Sass?

Go to CMD 👉 type command👉 Enter

gem update sass

Get an Error!!!😣

Check your PATH

Check your PATH to make sure the folder to Ruby is listed there, if they're having an issue with the path add path:

Check your path

…Or just reinstall Ruby

Another trick is, reinstall Ruby and ✔ for the “ option as shown below:

✔ for the “Add Ruby executables to your PATH”

Steps to use Sass in simple

  1. Create a folder anywhere you like
  2. Inside that folder create two subfolders: and

3. Create a file
Go into the folder and create a file called: Notice the file extension .scss

4. Go back to the CMD
In the CMD line 👉 go to the folder that you create in the first step.

go to the folder that you create in the first step in cmd

5.Make Sass “watch” your and folders
Type this in the CMD👉

sass --watch scss:css

Watch for changes

6. Edit the .scss file and watch Sass compile it into a .css file

do some changes and see the cmd

Do some changes, save changes, and watch the cmd line how to detect them and convert them to a CSS file. After the first time there automatically create a .css file inside the CSS folder.✨

Now you gain some knowledge about how to use Sass.😎


Thanks for reading 😎!

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