How To Find And Do Work That You Love- Ikigai

Ikigai is a Japanese concept of something you live for or your reason for being.

The opportunity to do what you love is a dream come true for many of us. But this doesn't have to be just a dream through the Ikigai exercise, we can be our way to become dream our own everyday life.

What do you love?‍

What are you good at?‍

What skills are in demand that you can get paid for?‍

What does the world need right now?‍

I think yes.

But to find a job that you love, are good at, creates a sustainable income, and does something for the world takes a little Confusion and with the concept of Ikigai.

Let's do a simple overview with my story of how it suits Ikigai.

In this first step of Ikigai, I am very honour to say that “Yes, Of course,” I am doing what I extracly love to do. I had a dream to be a Software engineer one day. Now I am reading my degree in software engineering. That’s not all. I have more I love to do. Travel all over the world, try various kind of foods and many more. I hope to do them also. and what about you?

When you do something that you really love it just feel a deep appreciation of your own.‍

First I talk about my skills that I am good at. As I think I m good at Managing, Designing, Cooking, And I think many more. So, I think my whole life wouldn’t dedicate only to doing my dream job. Life may come up with different attractions.

We all have skills that make us unique. so what are yours? Try to find yours also.

Another valuable step in the Ikigai concept is 3rd step that is to find the thing that you can get paid for. This requires deeper thinking and well known about the status of the career world. If I’m thinking about myself, I am going to be a Software developer Something that’s in demand and trending, with a highly paid job role.

In brief, Take what you love and are good at and use those to search for a job that most suitable for you with your skills.

We have to figure out What the world needs & involves taking whats’s going on in the world right now. Then you have to drive your skills and passion in positive change‍.

Use this Ikigai to find creativity and a different perspective in yourself what you really love. Ikigai will help to see that there’s more to life than work and make the work that you love most.

Thank you.🤗


BSc.(Hons) Software Engineering Undergraduate | University Of Kelaniya. (